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Anna is a Polish author of well known murals and paintings. Her artworks decorate walls in many of the European countries among which are Sweden, France, Norway, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Beautiful and natural landscapes, full of light spaces and animals are her greatest inspirations and identification marks.

Her mission is to wake up positive feelings. Clients value her for the fact that her murals become the gates to other magical and charming worlds.

Thanks to her creativity, the interiors take on a completely different character - they are a trip to the land of relax and natural beauty.

Welcome to the website of Anna Kinga Troczyńska

From an early age she is interested in painting, and has a deep passion for paint and brush that is a guarantee of the highest quality of murals and the heart inserted in the finish detail work.

She paints mainly with Flugger paints which are safe and ecological.

If you would also like to enjoy amazing views at home, in the premises or the company and feel the unique atmosphere that Anna's wall murals carry we welcome your cooperation.








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Few words about me:

"I paint on the walls. I love nature and animals. If you too - I'd like to invite you to cooperation.

Phone number: 883 333 808

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